Go back?

Honestly, at this point, i have to. Not for any actual obligations (I hope), not for nostalgia which I am lucky enough to not have experienced (or so I think?) Simply because otherwise far too many, many people seem to be very, very disappointed.

I mean, look, I don’t even have a recent picture from St.Pete, that’s Amsterdam up there for chrissakes… Come on! Also, who do I think I am and what have I been thinking all these years?!

In all honesty… Actually, no, not even then I think it’s weird that I haven’t been back in almost 20 years, I just don’t. I do think it’s annoying to discuss it with somebody every time I fail to run away from the conversation, so, you know, what the heck, let’s go already!

With me I’m taking some means to keep writing this funny little journal which I bet no-one will read, like, ever, not even me. This time let’s minimize and economize, it doesn’t have a proper keyboard and how to put pictures on it from the proper camera 📷? It does let me sprinkle everything with these little emojis, something I intend to abuse.

It is quite a gang that’s coming though, look at us all dressed up and ready to rock’n’roll 🎸 (see what i meant?)

I would like to try putting in a gallery of images though, let’s try this… Get ready for a bunch of dog pictures.

1 thought on “Go back?”

  1. Hi cousin. I am here. I am reading. I wanna see some pictures from St. Pete.
    Hugs, and may God bless all of you guys.

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