Go slower, bratan…

At first i said, okay this is just like they drive in Greece, I got this. Little did I know that the Scandinavia road that goes from Vyborg to St.Pete is, apparently, where it gets real and where the driving comrades remember that the main attribute of their masculinity is in fact under their right foot. It is customary for the slower vehicles to drift off to the shoulder of the road to let pass anybody who is either driving half a meter behind or is blinking their lights at you. Fine. But then there’s also someone already overtaking you by the shoulder, doing a gazillion kilometers per hour, so watch out even while being polite! Also, the road is absolute shit.

Then we get to the new highway which I haven’t seen yet. It’s a toll road, it’s rather modern in terms of equipment (holy cow, it has lanes marked!) but it is also shit as far as the tarmac goes and even worse craziness continues with the super aggressive driving.

In the city… oooh… Yes, it is also worse, people still drive like they don’t want to live and now there’s TONS of them compared to 20 years ago (well, duh).

I made it in one piece to where we’re staying and then on the next day to where the car will get a new clutch and what not (not related to the last days’ driving) but yeah… kinda proud I didn’t just stop and started weeping.

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